Investment Advisor Frank Magliato

October 14, 2017
Over a career that has thus far covered well over three decades, Frank Magliato has garnered a lot of credit for his experience and his high level of skill. That experience is very diverse and actually covers far more than his current status as president of Saddle River Associates, which is already a substantial career credit. Frank also financed and founded Digitec2000, Inc., a telecom giant for whom he also served as an executive of some note. Digitec2000 sold prepaid domestic and international calling plans and cards, as did his next venture, called Telecorp, Inc., for whom he served as president for some time.
Frank Magliato
In addition to his executive experience and his entrepreneurial endeavors, Frank Magliato also has a ton of education in his background, including an engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a business degree from New York University, among other academic pursuits. He is also something of a philanthropist. As a member of the board for the Guardian Foundation, he leads an organization with a goal of administering programs to help poor families in Panama, especially the children.

Frank Magliato, Investment Consultant and Philanthropist

October 14, 2017
There is definitely something of a soft side to Frank Magliato. Consider that he serves on the board of directors for at least one organization that highlights his philanthropic tendencies. As a board member for the Guardian Foundation, he helps to turn programs that supply grant money designed to provide for the health and welfare of underprivileged Panamanian children into reality and many people are better off for this.
Frank Magliato
In addition to that, of course, Frank Magliato is also a strong business consultant with a keen business mind, as well as a keen eye for investment opportunities that make everyone’s lives better, especially his clients’. Frank has served on the boards of directors of numerous companies, including Nabali Investments, Capital Trading Group and Veragold Mining Company, among a great many others. His business career has thus far lasted well over three decades and the record he has compiled has been stellar, so expect him to continue doing what he does for a very long time to come.

Frank Magliato’s Business Success

April 26, 2017
Thirty-five years of business experience have helped Frank Magliato to understand exactly what is required in order to be successful. The business experience Frank Magliato has accumulated after three-and-a-half decades cannot be bought or earned in just a few years of school. However, Frank Magliato did pursue degrees in Engineering and Business at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and New York University. He learned a great deal both through his formal education and his hands-on learning.

Frank Magliato founded, finances, and operated a telecommunications company called Digitec2000 Inc. The company specialized in prepaid domestic and international calling. Digitec2000 Inc. was a fully reporting public company traded on NASDAQ under the symbol DGTT. He is also President of Telecorp, a telecommunications company specializing in the reselling long distance services, which he finances and operated.
Frank Magliato has been described by clients as someone uniquely capable of identifying business opportunities and acting on them on behalf of clients at the most opportune time. It has been said that he can see such opportunities from a variety of angles, to make the most of any situation.